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About Rebecca White

Passionate About Inspiring Others

Rebecca White first began publicly speaking at the age 15, one year after the drunk driving crash that killed her mother and friend. From this tragedy she became an advocate against drunk driving, inspiring her to share her story to prevent more crashes from happening.


Nineteen years since the tragic crash, Rebecca has created a new presentation touching upon the drunk driving crash but also with what Rebecca feels are the five keys to living a happier life. These guidelines will make you rethink how they can positively impact your life too.

How My Public Speaking Journey Began


From my drunk driving crash I became an advocate agents drunk driving and join Mothers Agents Drunk Driving (MADD) Rhode Island. Through MADD's youth programs I gained the confidence necessary to start publicly speaking on my own. My first presentation was called, Walking Away. I spoke about the night of my crash, how it changed my life and how important it is to never drink and drive. After 7 years of presenting, I received a lot of publicity, awards and honors but it was starting to take a toll on my overall happiness. It became too difficult so I decided it was time to take a break.


In 2010 I was asked to speak at MADD Rhode Island's Youth Leadership conference called TeamSpirit. I wanted to share the story about my drunk driving crash but in a different way then I had done before. This is when I came up with the idea for 5 Simple Guidelines. I wanted to share my drunk driving story but also touch upon what I feel are the 5 keys to living a happier and healthier life style. My new presentation was well received and I started to get my passion back for public speaking.


In 2016 I finally started to present my new, 5 Simple Guidelines presentation. I have been starting small but enjoying every minute of it. My passion for public speaking is back and I am ready to share these guidelines with the world.


If you would like more information about this presentation or are interested in booking Rebecca you can email her at:

A Message From Rebecca

"I truly feel that there is something positive that can come from my tragedy. I enjoy sharing my story because I have the opportunity to possibly prevent someone else from losing a loved one, caused by a drunk driver. I feel blessed to be alive and I treat each day as a gift. I uses these

5 simple guidelines as an anchor in my life and I hope to have the opportunity to share them with your community."

                                                                                           ~ Rebecca White

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