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Jim Hummel Rhode Island Spot Light - The Ripple Effect

July 15, 2019

Over the past three years a new approach to fighting drunk driving has played out online and on Rhode Island’s airwaves. The Ripple Effect and Beyond the Crash - a series of commercials that takes a deeper look into those affected by drunk driving crashes - are deliberately uncomfortable to watch, with stories about how the tragedies have left an indelible mark on those involved. This month Jim Hummel speaks with the crew that created and produced the commercials, as well as the director of the Rhode Island Department of Transportation, which is financing the campaign, about the effect of the public service announcements.

Smithfield High School Students Reminded About Dangers of Drunk Driving in Emotional Assembly

June 04, 2019

Judging by the student’s respectful attention to White’s hour-long presentation, her personal message against drunk driving and wisdom about living a happier life resonated with the teens in attendance. When asked if she finds it hard to connect with today’s youth, she tells me that she has never found that to be a challenge. “No matter what age you are we all just want the same thing, and that is to be treated with respect. Throughout my presentation I never tell anyone what to do,” concludes White. “I hope they got something out of the presentation, and I was able to help at least one student today.”

Drunken driving, vaping dangers stressed to Portsmouth teens

April 10, 2019

Rebecca White, who was 14 years old at the time, survived the crash on Oct. 29, 1999, on Route 4 in East Greenwich; the Bristol resident now works as a motivational speaker and program coordinator for Youth Force, a leadership program led by the Rhode Island Police Chiefs Association and supported by the state Department of Transportation.

From despair to repair

January 17, 2018

Sixteen years after Rebecca White lost her mother, Marcia Bowman, and her best friend, Katie Decubellis, as victims of a 1999 drunk driving accident, White brought her newest presentation, Five Keys to a Happier Life, to Cranston High School West.

Speaker promotes 'power of forgiveness,' positive choices during Prout appearance

November 16, 2017

The Prout School's Students Against Destructive Decisions, or SADD, group hosted Rebecca Bowman White for a presentation Tuesday focused on overcoming tragedy and finding ways to live a positive, happy life. 

STRIVE offers head start on leadership

April 11, 2017

White told the group of students that freeing your heart from hatred — forgiveness — is one of five simple guidelines to living a happier life. Her presentation on these guidelines was one of several given at the conference, which aimed to educate the youth advisory board's younger peers on social issues impacting teenagers.

Lucky to have "Walked Away"

January 01, 2006

Rebecca was highlighted in the 2005-2006 Roger Williams University President's Report. The article entitled, 'Lucky to have Walked Away' talks about Rebecca's first public speaking program which focused on drunk driving prevention. 

A Daughter's Duty

May 10, 2006

Mercury magazine interview Rebecca about her presentation, 'Walking Away'.

Walking Away

March 01, 2006

While Rebecca attended Roger Williams University she spoke to the entire freshman class about her drunk driving crash that she walked away from. With the help of the Health and Wellness Educators it was a wonderful success and the presentation was called "Walking Away."

Finding Meaning and Strength from a Tragic Accident

June 01, 2005

Article from The Providence Journal, June 2005 when Rebecca first began publicly speaking about her drunk driving crash. 

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