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Ned Minevitz

Program Attorney & TxDOT Grant Administrator at Texas Municipal Courts Education Center

Becky White traveled to Houston, Texas to present her Five Simple Guidelines to 150 members of the Texas judiciary. From prior to the conference through after it was over, Becky was easy to work with, had good communication, and made coordination of her presentation seamless. Her story had a huge impact on the audience, and many rated it as the "best session" of the approximately 20 sessions offered at the conference. There is no doubt that it invigorated the judges, clerks, and prosecutors in the crowd to continue their efforts in preventing impaired driving. I would highly recommend Becky to be a presenter for any group regardless of age and background.

Brittany O'Malley

Student Assistance Counselor, Cumberland High School

Rebecca White came out to Cumberland High School and presented her motivational 5 Simple Guidelines to the Senior class on April 30, 2019. Her story is both impactful and inspirational, and students listened to every word she said. She did extremely well in making an impact on the students, as well as reminding them of the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. After her presentation, several students approached her and were able to let her know the impact the presentation had on them. I would recommend this presentation to any school looking to raise awareness. Rebecca does it in such a way that she is really able to connect with students and faculty on such a personal level, and does a phenomenal job. Can't wait to have her back.

Kevin Ascoli

Cranston West High School, Rhode Island

Becky White spoke at Cranston High School West on January 8th 2018. Her five simple guidelines presentation was amazing. Her story is both moving and impactful. Students here were hanging on her every word and you could here a pin drop as she spoke. After her presentation many students approached her and let her know that the presentation affected them personally one way or another. In the days and weeks after her presentation, students could be heard in the hallways or classrooms still talking about her points. I would recommend this presentation to any school looking improve their school climate, raise awareness during prom season, or to set a positive tone to the school year! Keep up the great work Becky.

Kelly Moniz

The Prout School, Rhode Island

Becky presented her program "Five Simple Guidelines" to The Prout School on November 14, 2017. As Co-Moderator of SADD, I was excited to have Becky speak to our student body about the ramifications of impaired driving. Her presentation went far beyond that. She managed to keep the attention of every student in the auditorium and got them to truly engage in what she was saying. She spoke in a way students could relate to her. Everyone present in that room was somehow moved by her story. This presentation makes students see the ripple effect of impaired driving, the importance of forgiveness, the need for humor in our lives, and so much more. I highly recommend Five Simple Guidelines!! Becky is an amazing individual, and I feel privileged to have met her. Congratulations Becky on a wonderful program!

Erika McCormick

Scituate High School, Rhode Island

After seeing Becky present at a youth leadership conference, students at Scituate high school wanted all their classmates to hear her message so we invited her to speak at a school-wide assembly. Becky has a presence about her that draws in youth to listen to what she is saying. Her story is unique and personal and causes you to pause as you reflect on your own life and how to make it better. Scituate looks forward to having Becky present again at the beginning of the next school year to set the guidelines of how to create a more inclusive and healthy community. Thank you Becky for helping our students find a brighter future!

Deacon Greg Albanese

LaSalle Academy

Becky's presentation is from the heart and it is full of important information for any teen to know and live by. She is a role model, a mentor and a person who can and will influence people's lives. Her life story is compelling and her message is solid!

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